Community Support

Malvern International Plc has and will continue to play an important role in helping communities in the areas that it operates. It is part of Malvern’s educational offering to support and empower the local people. Providing support to those who do not have the necessary access to education will enable them to gain access to wide array of opportunities driving further economic success of the communities. With this vision and intent, Malvern is keen to offer free educational and support services to those in need.

These services will be offered through Malvern branches operating in London, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. Some examples of such supports are as follow:

Singapore : Project Starfish

London: Settlement Support Scholarship (To Refugees in London)

  • Offering scholarship to Refugees to study English for work preparation (2 scholarship at a time)
In Malaysia

Scholars’ trip to London in May and every year

  • 3 Top Scholars will be on a fully funded trip to London for 2 weeks in May 2017

Malay Language Club

  • Promoting Malay Language