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Malvern House London is a leading provider of education for international students located in central London. Since opening in 2000, more than 40,000 student from around the globe have chosen Malvern House London as their place of study. The school is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English, is a Trinity Exam Centre and is also ISI accredited meaning we can accept students that wish to travel on the Tier 4 (general) student visa. Our modern and state-of-the-art teaching facility is located in the heart of central London is the bustling Kings Cross area of the city, offering unrivalled access to the worlds leading city for international education.

NCUK | International Foundation Year

  • NCUK was founded in 1987 by a group of leading UK universities giving students the chance to gain the qualifications that guarantee entry to university in the UK and worldwide.
  • Tens of Thousands of students have gained entry to university following successful completion of the NCUK International Foundation Year
  • There are 16 universities in the NCUK group – located across the country – including University of Manchester, The University of Leeds and Queen Mary University London.
  • Students have thousands of degrees to choose from including subjects such as Accounting, Business, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Computer Science, Robotics, Criminology and any more.

The NCUK University

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What is International Foundation Year (IFY)

  • An IFY is a university pathway programme which prepares international students for first year entry to and undergraduate degree course in and English language University
  • The IFY allows you to improve your level of English allowing you to communicate and study effectively in English.
  • Immerses students in the study methods used for learning development and assessment in the UK.
  • Prepares students from life in the UK and acts as a “bridge” between school in their home country and university in the UK.

The NCUK International Foundation Year

  • Guaranteed entry to a UK university upon successful completion of the course
  • Access to thousands of degrees at 16 universities located across the UK
  • Student do not have to resit IELTS for their university application
  • University scholarships and prizes available for students top passing grades
  • A 30 year track record of helping students gain access to university
"Studying in UK prepares you well for postgraduate studies. The UK has a high quality of education."
Weiyu Deng Changqing, China, University of Sheffield
"The education system of UK is brilliant. There are so many cultures and many people from diverse backgrounds. It's a chance to learn other languages. "
Kiyoung Hong IEN, South Korea, University of Manchester
"It was good help and support from the NCUK programme. The NCUK IFY is a much better preparation for studying in the UK than A-level or IELTS"
Xuejun Xu, China
"I look at several foundation programmes but NCUK stood out to because it worked with good universities that I was interested in."
Wanjing Jiang Hangzhou, China, University of Bristol

Why NCUK IFY in Malvern House London

  • Personalized Service in small group lessons and a small center – allowing you more time with teachers, trainers and support staff.
  • Campus feel with onsite accommodation available to students all year round. Malvern House is conveniently situated in central London, allowing our students to discover the best the of the city with easy access to the best museums, entertainment venues and restaurants
  • State of the Art teaching facilities with interactive whiteboards in every classroom and a library/study center for use outside the classroom
  • The Malvern House Online Academy – a university style online platform for students to use throughout their studies
  • Excellent Nationality Mix – students from over 60 different countries study at the centre and a small mixed nationality group on the ICY.
  • Unrivalled English expertise offering continuous support and additional English tuition for free throughout programme
  • FREE ENGLISH TUITION – Access to FREE English tuition throughout the year
  • FREE HOMESTAY – 4 weeks of FREE homestay accommodation

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Entry Requirement

This guide details the entry requirement for students from South Asia region applying to study the NCUK International Foundation Year.

Age Requirement

Applicants must normally be 17 years at the start of the IFY

General Academic Requirement from Local Examination

Students must normally have successfully complemented 12 years of school education.

Minimum Academic Requirements from Internationally Recognized Examinations

Students who have completed the International Baccalaureate with a minimum 22 points may be accepted. Note that students with 24 points or more are eligible for entry to the NCUK IF year one. Students who have studied UK GCSE, IGCSE or O-level will need to be approved via the NSE route before they can be accepted, the exception being students who achieve a minimum of 5 subjects at AAABB including Math’s and English. Note that such students may have slightly limited university options following the IFY. Students who have a minimum of an E grade at UK

Qualification IELTS TOEFL PTE Academic
International Foundation Year 5.0 62 46

NCUK In Malvern House London

University Pathway Programme, International Foundation Year

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