Acquisition of Educational Resources Pte Ltd

Acquisition of Educational Resources Pte Ltd
                                       AEC Education plc
                                   ("AEC" or "the Company")

                          Acquisition of Educational Resources Pte Ltd

AEC is pleased to announce the exchange of contracts to acquire the 65% of Educational Resources Pte Ltd (“ER”) 
that it does not already own (“the Acquisition”) with effect from 4 January 2008. ER is incorporated in Singapore 
and has four wholly owned subsidiaries.  Following the Acquisition, AEC will hold 100% of the issued share capital 
of ER.

ER has a open ended Agency Agreement with Education Development International Plc (“EDI”) which is subject to 
performance criteria to deliver the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (“LCCI”) qualifications and currently 
has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. ER also has an Agreement with MYOB, the large Australian 
based competitor to the Sage accounting packages, to deliver qualifications for the training in the use of its 
products across the Asian markets. 

ER recorded 101,360 examination entries in Asia during year ended 30 September 2007. 80,700 of these were from the 
core markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

AEC and ER currently operate in a range of mutual territories and the AEC Directors believe that this mutuality, 
combined with a range of marketing synergies, provides the opportunity for greater productivity and growth for the 
combined group.

EDI holds 50.38% of the shares in ER and their Chairman, Chief Executive and Finance Director are on the board of 
ER. They will resign with effect from the date of signing the Agreement (3 December 07).  Liam Swords and David Ho 
of AEC are also on the board of ER and will continue as directors into the future.

EDI has been offered a seat on the Board of AEC which will be taken up at a time to be agreed between the parties 
in the future. 

ER reported audited turnover and profit-after-tax of SGD3,622,663 (£1,215,783) and SGD281,443 (£94,454), 
respectively, for the year ended 30 September 2006 and had audited net assets of SGD3,493,164 (£1,172,203) at 30 
September 2006.   

The cost of the acquisition is approximately £410,000 which will be settled by the issue of new AEC ordinary 
shares at a price of 11.5p per share.  An initial issue of 2,593,750 shares will be made to the vendors of ER at 
the time of completion and a further 950,000 shares will be issued as deferred consideration 2 years after 

The 2,593,750 new ordinary shares issued as initial consideration will rank pari passu with the Company’s existing 
ordinary shares of 10p each in issue.  AEC will make application for admission to trading on AIM of these shares 
and trading in the new ordinary shares is expected to commence on 5 January 2008.  .   

An exchange rate of £1=SGD2.98 has been used in this announcement.

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For further information please visit or enquire to:

Mr Haider M Sithawalla
AEC Edu Group Pte Ltd
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About AEC Education Plc

AEC is the UK holding company for a number of companies, founded in 1985 in Singapore and Malaysia that provide 
business educational services to approximately 16,000 students in the Asia-Pacific region: the fastest-growing 
source market for international students.  

The AEC Group offers class-based instruction at a large educational campus in Singapore's Bukit Merah District and 
distance learning up to postgraduate level.  In addition, it provides degree qualifications on behalf of several 
leading international universities, targeting the large volume of overseas students that the Singaporean 
government has announced in the Global Schoolhouse Vision it intends to increase.

AEC's aim is to be a leader in quality education through facilitating learning, fostering creativity and 
developing knowledge, skills and confidence in its students.  Its receipt of four Singapore Quality Class Awards 
shows the Group's recognition by the Singaporean Government as a prestigious and forward-moving company.

In August 2006, AEC was awarded the CaseTrust for Private Education Organizations, a student protection scheme for 
foreign students.  This is a further step by AEC in its recognition as a quality provider in the education industry.