Avertigos – A 3D Boardgame by Playware

Avertigos- A 3D Boardgame by Playware

avertigos base set playware
Avertigos Base Set Playware

Avertigos is a new board game that is ready to level up table top gaming. It is a table-top-miniatures game and board game hybrid that takes place in a fast changing 3D Tactical Space right over the table.

This science fiction story takes place in an alternate history of our world. In this first installment, the action takes place in the South China Sky, where the Dynastic naval armada is facing off against the combined fleets of the Singasari League to exert supremacy over strategic islands and control rich trade routes plying exotic goods.

Playware have set up many options so that their backers can start their collection in the way that suits them most. The simplest way to start is with the Base Game. This has everything you need to experience the world of Avertigos.