Award of share options

Award of Share Options
                                           AEC Education plc
                                        ("AEC" or "the Company")

                                         Award of Share Options

AEC announces that on 10th March 2008 it granted William Swords, Chairman and David Ho, Chief 
Executive options over 200,000 ordinary shares and 250,000 ordinary shares respectively (in 
accordance with the terms of the Company's Unapproved Share Option Plan).

The options held by Mr. Swords and Mr. Ho following this grant are as follows:

Name                            Number granted      Exercise Price
William Swords                        200,000             10p
David Ho                              250,000             10p

The Options will not vest until the 1st August 2009 but must be exercised by the 28th February 2013, 
after which date they lapse.

The issued share capital of the Company is 18,008,738 ordinary shares of 10p each.

- END -

For further information please visit or enquire to:

William Swords
Chairman AEC Plc
Tel: (44) 20 8308 1202

Mr Haider M Sithawalla
AEC Edu Group Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 6412 0732/33
Fax: (65) 6412 0747