Bastian on Malvern House, London

Belgian, studied at Malvern House London for 12 weeks in 2016.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about studying here at Malvern House? 
A. I think the teachers are really great and very helpful.

Q. Can you give us 3 words to describe your teachers at Malvern House?
A. Pedagogic, Energetic, helpful

Q. Choose 3 words that describe your experience here in London
A. Fast, opportunities, fun

Q. What have you enjoyed most about being in London? 
A. The fact it is a huge city with everything going so fast and the possibility to be never bored

Q. What advice would you give someone coming from your home country (city) who is visiting London for the first time?
A. I think if it is the first time you have to see some of the main attraction and after that you can enjoy it with a pub.

Q. What has been your favourite tourist attraction/thing to do in London?
A. Try to taste different cuisines at restaurants.

Q. What do you think of food in London/ where is your favourite place to eat in London?
A. I think what I enjoyed the most so far is the burger. There are many places. I can’t recommend Patty and Bun strongly enough.

Q. Would you recommend Malvern House to your friends?
A. Yes, I believe Malvern House is a good place to learn English