Doctor Accounting : Chapter 19

Doctor Accounting : Chapter 19 in Collaboration with SAA Global Education

Do you know what is an Accrued revenue?

Watch Dr Accounting chapter 19 to learn more about the world of Accounting with us!

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Video Transcript

Welcome to Doctor Accounting chapter nineteen.
In this series, I would like to share you Accrued Revenue.
What is an Accrued Revenue? An accrued revenue is a revenue earned but it is not paid. So this accrued revenue will be recorded as receivable on the balance sheet and it will appear as a current assets.
So ladies and gentlemen, you have actually learned quite a fair bait of the things that have started from Dr Accounting chapter one right up to Dr Accounting chapter nineteen.
In my next few series, I would like to relate to the real world. So in Dr Accounting chapter twenty, I’m going to share with you on Annual Report and all the things that you learned. How this will come together and you relate this to the real world. So, stay tuned!