Doctor Accounting : Chapter 25

Doctor Accounting : Chapter 25 in Collaboration with SAA Global Education

Do you know what is the Code of Corporate Governance?

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Video Transcript

Hi all. Today I’m going to touch on the code of Corporate Governance. You’ve heard me talking about it in the annual report.
So today I’m going to dive in to share with you more about this.
Code of Corporate Governance is a requirement under the listing rules.
Every listed company need to comply with the code of corporate governance. But do you know the regime of the code can be very different in different countries?
In Singapore, Singapore is very much a principal-based approach. When compared to US, It is a ruled-based approach. Have you thought why is that so? Singapore has many family-owned businesses. So the shareholders are very much family-based. So compared to the US, there are many multinational companies with dispersed shareholders.
This are just a simple comparison of the different regime of the code of corporate governance. In my next series, I’m going to share with you more. So, stay tuned!