Doctor Accounting : Chapter 30

Doctor Accounting : Chapter 30 in Collaboration with SAA Global Education

Do you know the difference between Executive & Non-Executive Directors?

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Video Transcript

Hi all. In this series, I’d like to share with you the difference between Executive and Non-Executive Directors.

The executive directors are the employee of the company. The non-executive director, they are not the employee of the company. They are from external parties.

For executive director, they are involved very much in the day-to-day running of the operation of the organization. The non-executive director, they do not get themselves involved in the day-to-day running. Their role is more to give constructively advise to the board.

So the third part is that the executive directors are entitled to remuneration based on the company’s hr policy. Versus the non-executive director, they will get the director’s fees.

So in this simple illustration, I’m just demonstrating to you the differences, I hope you find this series useful. Thank you.