Doctor Accounting : Chapter 31

Doctor Accounting : Chapter 31 in Collaboration with SAA Global Education

Remember we mentioned about Auditor’s report in the Annual Report?
What is the difference between Internal and External auditors?

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Video Transcript

Hi all. I’d like to share with you in my this series the difference in Internal Auditors and External Auditors. A lot of people are very confused with this.

Internal auditors, they are the employees of the company. External auditors, they are not the employees of the company.

So what is the role of the internal auditors? They appraised the internal control. External auditors, they will do financial audit. So the internal auditors, they will report to the audit community. So it is very important to ensure the independence of the internal auditors.

So for external auditors, they report to the shareholders. This is a simple illustration of the difference between internal auditors and external auditors.

I hope you find this segment useful, thank you.