Doctor Accounting : Chapter 4

Doctor Accounting : Chapter 4 in Collaboration with SAA Global Education

Do you know Stakeholders are very powerful and they can also impact the organisation in their strategy as well as decision-making?

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Video Transcript

Welcome back to Dr Accounting Chapter 4.
In this chapter, I’ll like to share with you on Stakeholders.
Stakeholders are anyone who is interested in an organization.
And the decision of an organization can impact them.
Example of Stakeholders are: Bankers, Investors, Shareholders, Employees, Government, Anyone. Is simply anyone.
Stakeholders are very powerful, they can also impact the organisation in the way in their strategic as well as decision making.
Do you know that there is a model to access the coders?
And that model is Mendelow Theory, which you can look at in terms of the level of interest and the level of power.
I hope that you find this useful and I would like to see you in my next chapter.
Thank you so much.