Doctor Accounting Series 2 Episode 1

Doctor Accounting Series 2 Episode 1 in Collaboration with SAA Global Education

Have you ever wonder what career in Accounting is?

Take a look at our brand-new Dr Accounting Series 2 as we explore more about a career in Accounting.
Today’s episode will be on Financial Accounting as a career.

Video Transcript

Welcome, all to the brand new Doctor Accounting Series 2. In this new series, I’m going to share many new elements with you. I’m going to start off with a career in accounting. When I started my career in accounting, I thought it is only about bookkeeping and financial accounting. However, the scope is very wide. I will share with you the different job roles in accounting and finance. I will start off with Financial Accounting.

So when you talk about Financial Accounting, in a listed company. Statutory Reporting is a regulatory requirement under the stock exchange. The reporting needs to be in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. In short, is IFRS. The reporting is for various stakeholders and one of the stakeholders is the shareholder. If you want to know more about financial accounting and talking about stakeholders, please revisit my Dr Accounting series 1 video to have a better understanding. So stay tuned!