Doctor Accounting Series 2 Episode 3

Doctor Accounting Series 2 Episode 3 in Collaboration with SAA Global Education

“Have any of you consider taking taxation as your career?
In this episode, we will share what Taxation covers in Accounting and Finance.”

Video Transcript

Well in this series, when you talk about career in Accounting and Finance. Have any of you thought about Taxation? Well taxation is a very niche career. What does taxation covers? Taxation covers compliance work or consultancy work. Compliance, it will covers Corporate Tax and Indirect Tax. Consultancy work, it will cover Tax Planning and Advisory Work. So next time, if you want to choose a career in accounting and finance, don’t forget taxation. It can be a very exciting career too. I hope you find this segment useful. Hope that you watch my next series, which will touch on another career in accounting and finance. Thank you.