Executive Team

Executive Team of Malvern International plc is run by distinguished professionals who keep quality education firmly as their key focus. Malvern International plc is privileged to have them on board to steer the vision and mission of educating young minds near and far with quality curricula, facilities and faculty and also will invest in prospects of students who have successfully completed their courses to enable them to look forward to a bright future.

Richard became CEO of Malvern International in June 2020. He is the co-founder of the subsidiary Communicate School. Communicate grew quickly and was acquired by Malvern in July 2018.

Richard Mace

Group Chief Executive Officer

Fahim Razzak Joined Malvern Finance team in February 2020. Fahim qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Grant Thornton UK LLP. and he is also a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA).


Finance Director

Professor Ian Brooks has recently joined the group as the UK Senior Academic advisor. Professor Brooks has recently retired from his position as the Deputy Dean of the Business school.

Prof. Ian Brooks

UK Senior Academic Advisor

Marza Mace, MA in TEFL, is a founder of Communicate School in Manchester. Marza has 10 years experience in building and managing teams and streamlining processes in the most effective ways.


UK Head of Operations

Kris Hall became the General Manager of Malvern House in August 2017. He completed his Postgrad studies at the University of Westminster and has been a senior manager in the Private Sector, Third Sector and Education Sector for over 20-years.

Kris Hall

General Manager & Principal, Malvern House International

Richard Turnbull, DELTA, became the General Manager of Malvern House Brighton in September 2020. He has over 15 years experience in the ELT sector, specialising in business systems.

Richard Turnbull

General Manager, Malvern House Brighton

Emiliano Sallustri is a native of Italy and has grown up with a strong connection to the summer language school business.


General Manager & Principal, Malvern Juniors

Ashleigh Veres

Head of Pathways (Sales and Marketing)