Executive Team

The Executive Team of Malvern International plc are dedicated to help drive the strategic growth of the organisation with an unwavering focus on delivering quality education and student experience. With a clear vision and mission to continue to change the lives of international students through the power of education, the Executive team work together to ensure that quality curricula, teaching and partnerships are central to every aspect of the business.


Executive Director & CEO

Richard Mace is the Executive Director and CEO of Malvern International. Richard became CEO of the organisation in June 2020. Prior to this, Richard ran and rapidly grew Communicate School in Manchester, which was by acquired Malvern International in July 2018.

With ample experience in the education and language sector, Richard has led the Executive team with a clear strategic vision which is now being implemented across the organisation.


Executive Director & CFO

Daniel Fisher joined as Finance Director of Malvern International in January 2021. In November 2021, Daniel was appointed to the board of directors or Malvern International Plc. Daniel has over 13 years of experience of successfully leading Finance teams.
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Chief Development Officer

Stephen Harvey joined Malvern International PLC as Chief Development Officer – with responsibility for growing its global network of University and Higher Education partnerships.  

With 40 years of successful teaching, research, policy, governance & senior management experience in the global education sectors, Stephen has held the positions of Non-Executive Director at Sannam S4, Founder and Global Managing Director of Cambridge Education Group’s ONCAMPUS Higher Education Pathways Division; Head of Higher Education Advisory Services at KPMG UK; Project Manager, UK Government Department for Education Strategy & Innovation Unit and UK Managing Director of Study Group. He is currently as Trustee of Cumberland Lodge. 


Director of Student Recruitment

Ashleigh Veres is the Director of Student Recruitment for Malvern International. With more than 11 years in students recruitment and marketing, Ashleigh works diligently to develop and execute sales strategy for the group.

Working closely with our university partners to realise shared goals, and with a keen focus on the development of partnerships with internationally-focused partners, Ashleigh is a strong advocate for the opportunities that international education provides students.

Ashleigh is responsible for leading the Global Recruitment Unit and managing the marketing for the organisation.

Emiliano Director, Language in Action

Commercial Director of ELT

Emiliano Sallustri is the Commercial Director of English Language Teaching (ELT). Emiliano, who has been with the company since 2019, plays a key role in expanding our ELT offering. His primary focus is on commercial growth, operational standardisation and strategic development for our ELT centres. Emiliano is directly responsible for managing the ELT sales funnel (both agent and direct) and overseeing the operational structure within the teams.


Director of Sales

Matthew Hird joined Malvern International as Global Sales Director in February 2024 and is responsible for developing a multi-channel student recruitment strategy for our ELT programmes.

He has over 20 years’ experience working in the international education sector, his previous roles have spanned teaching, school and programme management, course development and student recruitment. He spent many years leading the Oxford International student recruitment team and, prior to joining Malvern, helped Dvid Game College successfully launch the only boarding school in the City of London. His work in international education has taken him to over 80 different countries and enabled him to build partnerships and networks with schools, institutions, teachers and educational agencies throughout the world.


Director, University Operations

Simon Fitch joined Malvern International in 2021 and is accountable for our provision of high quality, student-centred, operations at our UEL International Study Centre.  Simon has spent his career in a range of educational settings, and has senior level experience in Universities, schools and pathway organisations, including having previously directed a Foundation Student Centre.  Simon is also a board member of FOCUS, an organisation devoted to simplifying the relocation journey for families and students coming to the UK.


Head of Human Resources

Kelly McGrath, MCIP has over 15 years HR experience and is Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. She is responsible for the development and delivery of the People Strategy. Kelly joined Malvern International in April 2023 and works with the Executive Team to define and deliver business growth plans. A true HR generalist and People Partner, Kelly gained experience within the Manufacturing and Aerospace industries before making the move to education and supports all areas of the business but is particularly passionate about people development and engagement.