Holdings in Company

Total Voting Rights
                                           AEC Education plc
                                       ("AEC" or "the Company")

                                          Holdings in Company

Following the completion of the acquisition of the 65% of Educational Resources Pte. Ltd. that 
the Company did not already own on 4th January 2008, the Company was notified on 17th Janaury 2008, 
in accordance with the Disclosure and  Transparency Rules, of the following changes in shareholdings 
amounting to 3% or more of the issued share capital of the Company.

Shareholder                         Number of Ordinary Shares        % of issued share capital
KSP Investments Pte Ltd             5,316,048                        29.52
Pershing Keen Nominees Limited      2,809,147                        15.60
(601) Des: PERNY
Educational Development	            2,000,000                        11.11
International PLC
Ranch House Limited                 2,000,000                        11.11
Naboobalan s/o Ramasamy             874,968                          4.86
Vidacos Nominees Limited            554,318                          3.08
Pershing Keen Nominees Limited      550,000                          3.05
(601) Des: GWCLT	

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