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Our mission is to provide international students essential academic and English language skills, cultural experiences and the support they need to thrive in their academic studies, daily life and career development.

At Malvern International, we put students at the heart of everything they do. With a focus on preparing students for success at university and in their professional lives, we shape student achievement through engaging teaching, interactive classes and student support.


Our courses are delivered in the UK at our schools in  London, Brighton and Manchester, and in our on-campus embedded International Study Centres at the University of East London and Wrexham Glyndwr University. We’ve also recently been granted NCUK accreditation, and Malvern International will also be delivering an off-campus International Foundation Year from our Malvern House London school.

In addition to having taught more than 40,000 students in our UK schools, Malvern International also offers a diverse range of online English language and professional teaching courses through the Malvern Online Academy. Since it’s launch in 2018, Malvern Online Academy has helped more than 3,000 students improve their English language skills and their confidence.


What we offer:

  • University Pathway Programmes (in our on-campus and off-campus International Study Centres)
  • English language programmes (at Malvern House London, Malvern House Brighton and Communicate School in Manchester)
  • Teacher training and professional courses
  • Juniors & Summer camps (through Language in Action)
  • Bespoke group provision


Established in the 1980’s and admitted to AIM in 2004, Malvern International employs approximately 250 staff across its operations.


We are focused on delivering high quality teaching and support to all our students. With a true passion for the transformational power of international education, we are proud to partner with individuals and organisations who share our beliefs.

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Improve your overall English Language ability and develop all four skills of the English language reading, writing, speaking and listening with Malvern English courses in London, Manchester and Brighton.


Our courses offer an opportunity to use newly learnt English language skills in real life English situations as well as gain certification. We bring the English language classroom to life and the classroom to the English Language.


Malvern International partners with the NCUK, University of East London and Wrexham Glyndwr University to deliver fully accredited pathway programmes to International Students.


Achieve IELTS success and prepare yourself to study abroad with our IELTS Exam Preparation Courses in London, Manchester and Brighton. Focus on the development of each skill, practice your exam technique and build the confidence you need to get your top result in the exam.

Malvern Online Academy

Malvern Online Academy is an online learning platform that gives students high quality English teaching to students, anytime and anywhere. With online live sessions with qualified teachers from our British Council accredited school, you will be able to learn at times that work for you.

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