ICEF Dubai

Matt Hird, Director of Sales (ELT), Saeed Adam, Director for MENA, Turkey and Eastern Europe and Majd Habeeb, Regional Manager MENA had the pleasure of attending ICEF Dubai. This event at ICEF Dubai not only served as a vital forum for professionals in English Language Teaching (ELT) and higher education but also marked an important occasion for Malvern International. We had the privilege of meeting with numerous educational partners, further enriching our network. Notably, it enabled us to establish connections with new partners, enhancing our collaborative efforts to promote our range of English courses in Manchester and London, junior summer programmes and our university partnerships.

Saeed Adam (Director for MENA, Turkey and Eastern Europe) significantly contributed to a panel discussion that explored the current trends among Saudi Arabian students in their pursuit of English language studies in the United Kingdom. This event highlighted the UK’s prominent role as the top choice for a substantial 60% of Saudi Arabian students seeking English language education abroad.

The analysis provided during this seminar was the result of a collaborative effort among prestigious organisations, including the British Council, English UK, and BONARD Education. Their joint endeavour aimed to unveil the complex dynamics of the English language education market in Saudi Arabia, offering insights into its challenges and opportunities.

With over fifteen years of experience in this field, Saeed has become a key figure in shaping effective strategies for engaging Saudi Arabian students. His expertise and dedication have been crucial in navigating the competitive landscape of the UK’s education sector, especially in relation to English language learning.

Through our participation in ICEF Dubai, Malvern International reaffirms its commitment to understanding and meeting the educational needs of international students, particularly those from Saudi Arabia. We continue to strive for excellence in providing educational solutions that cater to the evolving demands of the global market.

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