Launch of Malvern Online Academy

Malvern International plc (AIM: MLVN), provider of educational services in the UK, Europe and Asia, is pleased to announce the official launch of Malvern Online Academy (“MOA”) which will provide online and live (real time) teaching and training sessions for existing and new students, including corporate trainees as well as members of the general public.  The sessions will be available in two formats:  real-time ‘live’ instructor-led sessions; and pre-recorded sessions which can be accessed at anytime.

MOA will aim to offer all courses and programmes currently being run in Malvern schools in London, Malaysia and Singapore.  The first programmes being offered through the online platform are the suite of English language courses currently taught in Malvern House London.  These will be available to students and schools in Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe and South America, all territories in which Malvern already has a market presence through educational institutions and agents.  Following on from the English classes, MOA’s offering will be extended to include all its accounting and accountancy-related courses, with the ultimate aim of being able to offer all its existing courses including ones that are bespoke to suit the needs of various online customer groups.


Target markets will include alumni from all of Malvern’s schools, as well as corporate entities and various organisations for which online professional development and training courses are well suited.

Commenting  Dr Sam Malafeh, Chief Executive Officer said

 ” The global online market is expected to grow very significantly over the next decade. Building upon the creation of Malvern’s digital learning and technology division in 2017, further development, innovation and expansion into the online market is a vital tenet of its strategic plan for 2018.  Malvern believes it is in an excellent position to capitalise strongly  on the current global demand for online learning by virtue of its existing span of high-quality programmes and offerings, the combined skills and expertise of its global teaching staff as well as its international network of partners, institutions and agents within the education industry.”

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