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Malvern Online Academy (MOA in short) is a platform providing you with all the learning resources you need at your fingertip:

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Live and Interactive sessions: Experiencing the real classroom environment in a fully simulated Instructor-Led-Training classroom with maximum 15 students. Learn where you are, at your computer, through a scheduled time table for the “live” session.

Online classes:  Learn from the recorded online lessons, anywhere at your computer, anytime.

Malvern Online Academy

Live Interactive Sessions & Online Classes

MOA learning management system is a learning platform used to manage and produce online learning courses for students, working adults and enterprises – to learn and train anything, anytime and anywhere.

Learners can login to learn online pre-recorded sessions and/or engage in “live” real-time sessions with our trainers and instructors.

MOA for YOU – Students, Individuals & Corporate Companies

Students – to study through live tuition sessions; practices on workbook exercises; going through past years examination questions and taking placement test for pre-assessment etc…

Individuals – for Personal Professional Development to improve employability through online self-directed training and development on skills and knowledge desired by employers.

Corporate Companies – empowering employees across departments to login to learn the relevant job skills at their own pace. New hires are assigned courses for on boarding while other team members can take charge of their own learning to grow their careers by keeping track of their progresses, and evaluating their level of knowledge retention.

Companies can expedite employee development and increase retention by using MOA learning management system for their training and evaluation initiatives. Learners also enjoy the flexibility to access content day or night, from virtually any device, from anywhere with an internet connection using either a desktop, tablet or smartphone to better enable learning at the point of need.

MOA – provides User-Friendly Analytic Metrics and Reports for:

  • Course booking dates
  • Course completion dates
  • Total time spent on courses and learning plans
  • Active courses from the learning library
  • Most viewed courses
  • Test and Assessment scores
  • Time tabling for “Live” Instructor-Led-Training classroom course sessions
  • Learning Plan reports
  • User activity reports
  • Audit Trail reports
  • Gamification reports (e.g., badges and contests)
  • Certification reports

Benefits and Advantages of MOA

There are many benefits and advantages in using MOA for learning, training and development – applicable to both businesses and learners.

Benefits for Businesses

The benefits and advantages to an organization aren’t just theoretical – multiple studies have proven that an LMS can actually drive results. Research by Brandon Hall Group shows that 54% of organizations who have invested in learning technology have seen improvements in productivity and engagement. A high 91% of these organizations also reported a stronger link between learning and organizational performance, allowing companies to get more value from human resources while empowering individuals with additional tools for self-improvement, through :

  • Reduce learning and development costs as the company does not need to invest in a big training management system or sending their staff to costly external training centres for training.
  • Cut down training and on boarding time for employees, customers, and/or partners.
  • Accommodate multiple learning audiences from different physical locations.
  • Centralize eLearning resources hosted in MOA.
  • Track learner progress and evaluation of their competencies level after training.

Benefits for Learners:

  • Increase knowledge retention (as the “live” session are recorded for future viewing and retraining).
  • Stay on top of required training (with proper training map for staff to login at their own pace).
  • Engage with formal and informal learning best practices (blended training for recorded and “live” sessions).
  • Acquire skills and knowledge required for career advancement.
  • Better skill sets, higher productivity and improve performances.
  • Facilitating Microlearning – easily accessible, bite-sized learning content for slower learners or learners with busy schedules and have little time for long training session. This content will help to better accommodate shortening learner attention spans and encourage learning at the point of need.

Start Learning through MOA:

Sign up – from home page

You can create an account by signing up on our homepage using your userID, email address and a password.

Buy a course (or two)

View our course library and pick a course or two. Everything you need to complete the course, learning materials – including PPT slides, Youtube videos and notes can be downloaded for self-studying. At any time, during or at the end of the course, there could be assessments in the form of simple tests and quizzes to assess your understanding and competency level of the course. Upon successful completion of the course, you shall be awarded with a Certificate of Completion for your participation in the course.

Type of courses

  1. Online “Live” session – Instructor-Let-Training where Instructor is available to teach, interact and lead the session. This type of courses have a specific date and time to go “live” for you to join in the session. It is advisable to login early to join the class than to be late. During the “live” session, the instructor can see you, and you too can see the instructor and all the other students’ avatar on the sidebar below. All activities, text and conversation during the “live” session will be recorded and you can login anytime to review and retrain if need be at no extra charges.
  2. Recorded session – are usually video recorded session for your viewing, with no interaction from the instructor or the other classmates. After paying for the course, you can login anytime to view the session at you own pace. You don’t need to be online on a particular time, so don’t worry if you are in another time zone. You can access your course any time convenient to you.

Getting to know your classmate (while waiting for the “live” session to start)

While you wait for your “live” course to start, you can talk to your classmates through the text box to say hello to them. You can visit the classroom as soon as you enrol, even if the course hasn’t yet started, so there’s plenty of time to log in to the online classroom and introduce yourself to your classmates.


Once your buy the course, you’ll receive a notification email from MOA, providing you with a link to login to attend the course at a particular time and date. For recorded sessions, at any time, you can view all of your current courses by just logging in.

In the classroom

You can go to your classroom by clicking the ‘Go to Classroom’ button next to the appropriate course provided in the link from the notification. Within your classroom, you’ll find everything you need to complete the course.

Modules and Topics

Some courses are divided into modules, designed to be studied over the course of a week or longer. Each module is divided into topics, covering a different aspect of the overall module theme. At the end of each topic, you might receive a multiple-choice pop quiz, or a simulated exercise, to test your learning. The pop quizzes and simulators don’t contribute to your final grade – they’re just there for you to gauge your understanding of the topics and module.


If the course is exam-able, there will be suitable assessments of the information covered in the modules. These assessments open one at a time, depending on how many modules are to be tested, and stay open until the end of the course.

You can attempt the assessments at any time. Once your assessment is graded, we’ll show you what you got right and what you got wrong, so you know exactly how you fair. You’ll need an overall grade average of at least 50% to pass the course. Even if you miss an assessment, you’ll still pass the course if your final total average of the other module assessments added up is 50% or more.

Certificate of Achievement

If your final average score for a course is 50% or more, you’ll receive a softcopy of your Certificate of Completion when the course finishes.

While this MOA certificate isn’t a formal qualification, you can still use it to demonstrate your interest and passion for a certain course to potential employers, universities, and other educational institutions.

MOA Certificates for the course are only available after the course ends.

End of the course

Once you have completed the course, you can download a certificate of achievement, along with your final grades. You can then display your achievement, by updating your Education profile on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. If you want to revisit the course videos or are still working through the notes, you can continue to access your classroom from the Completed Courses list.

Continue Learning – Choose your Next Course with MOA

MOA is a continuous growing learning platform packed with many new courses designed and developed for you, so there’s never long to wait before finding another suitable course to expand your mind, widen your knowledge and to upgrade your skills.

After you’ve finished your course, it doesn’t mean we’ve seen enough of you. Join us across some other social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn – for more updates on what is happening in MOA and to write your reviews on how MOA experiences had helped you in your journey to Success.

Always login to MOA to choose your next course.

Malvern Online Academy

Live Interactive Sessions & Online Classes