The complete award-winning solution for creating and deploying mobile learning games in collaboration with Playware Studios and presented by Malvern International Plc.

More than ever, the use of games in training and education is increasing as educational institutions, companies and organisations seek solutions beyond the status quo.

Where existing online or e-learning applications focus on knowledge transfer, games take a step further by offering practice transfer. This is significant advantage when it comes to learning a new job or skill in an organisation or enterprise, which will otherwise rely on mentoring, on-the job training and role-play simulations. These are time-consuming,resource intensive and can carry substantial costs and risks.

Capitalizing on the ubiquity of mobile devices, mobile learning games can improve adoption and deliver effective results, achieved at a low cost. Case studies have shown positive outcomes and highlights the gaining recognition of mobile learning games as an effective complement to existing forms of training tools and methods.

Using the patented, award-winning 3Dhive game development platform, coupled with Case Method 2.0 methodology, Playware can now help you develop, manage and deploy mobile learning games to your audience faster and cheaper.

It has never been easier.

"Use mobile learning games to increase user engagement and enhance knowledge retention, with a practice-based learning experience that is fresh, interesting and ultimately, effective."


A powerful, streamlined and comprehensive mobile game development platform, 3Dhive allows for mobile game development : authoring, assessment and gamification. 3Dhive comes with rich asset libraries, built-in mini games and a range of interaction options. It is powered by the Unity game engine, features content distribution over the cloud and allows user access and rights management.

  • Rapid authoring
  • Ready asset library of 2D and 3D characters, props,
    locations/environments, equipment and more
  • Interactions include 3D navigations, branching
    dialogue, and pop-up info-comics
  • Variety of built-in mini-games and quizzes
  • Gamification and rewards
  • Core engine powered by Unity3D
  • User access management and digital rights
  • Cloud hosting on Microsoft Azure
  • Granular game data and statistics
  • Works on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS
  • Patented technology and award-winning
3dhive learning technology

Case method 2.0

An innovative approach designed for corporate learning and professional education, it blends the role-play and decision forcing concepts of Case Method with the affordances of mobile learning. Applying Case Method 2 will help produce clear requirements and accurate specifications of the desired games. It is optimized for the 3Dhive platform.

  • Experience in design and development of e-learning solutions, video and computer games across different genres
  • Cross-disciplinary talents including artists, illustrators, animators, video editors, educators, trainers, learning designers, curriculum builders
  • Skill set in technical development, project management and conceptual design
  • Background in gaming, television, electronics, comics, e-learning, stage, programming and marketing
case method 2.0


An EduTech company with more than 10 years’ experience of interactive, immersive learning experiences, entertainment, education and training games. From concept to implementation, Playware has a multi-disciplinary team with diverse talents to deliver your learning solutions.

A full suite of professional services is available :

  • Full game development, from conceptualizing to story-boarding to prototyping to final
    game building and delivery
  • Mobile learning, serious games, scenario-based learning, training simulation, e-learning,
    gamification, advergames and industry LMS solutions
  • Creation of art assets, including 2D/3D maps, characters, animation, graphics, music or
    sound effects and mini-games etc
  • Support services, including quality assurance, testing and extended warranty
playware studios
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Experience Our Industries

Portfolio Highlights

  • Nursing education game for Jurong Health hospital, deployed to more than one thousand staff
  • Management skills games for National Council of Social Service
  • Pharma vigilance game for Bayer
  • Sales training game for Caterpillar
  • Training games for Resorts World Sentosa
  • RFQ Award from Singapore Airlines to supply game-based learning
  • Partnership with SAP to provide education and training games to students
  • Games development for Singapore government entities like the Civil Service College (140,000 users), Workforce Development Agency and Health Promotion Board, including roll out to 400 schools and 1500 teachers for a Ministry of Education initiative
  • Innovation projects and games with Australia NSW Government Centre for Learning Education, National University of Singapore, Brunei Darussalam Ministry of Education, Singapore Management University and Singapore NIE Classroom of the Future

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