Lee Khai Yew on SAA-GE

Q. What did you like about the Course (ACCA)?
A. ACCA is one of the most recognized accounting qualifications in Singapore. Furthermore, the syllabus of the course is relevant and it is constantly reviewed to stay up-to- date with the industry’s changes. This ensures that ACCA graduates are of a certain calibre that will meet the needs of employers.

Q. Why did you choose SAA Globol Education for this course?
A. SAA Global Education was the first training arm set up by ICPAS to train accountants. Therefore, it is reputable and I feel that I can entrust the quality of my education to SAA-GE.

Q. What are the challenges that you faced during the course of your studies?
A. As a student without any prior accounting background and experience, there were certain topics which I had difficulties understanding. However, I am very fortunate that my lecturers are very patient and they are able to clarify my queries whenever I approached them. Especially Miss Mehta Who is my Fi lecturer. She never fails to answer my questions.This really enhanced my understanding towards the subject as she tried to simplify things further In order for me to grasp the bigger picture. Because of her extensive knowledge and experience as a lecturer, she is able to understand the needs of students and devise lesson plans that is well understood for the students.

Lee Khai Yew
Fi High Score Achiever (92%) I June 2012 Intake I Singaporean