Loan Note Conversion Issue of Equity

Malvern International plc (AIM: MLVN), the global learning and skills development partner, has been informed by KSP Investment Pte Limited (“KSP”) that KSP has distributed 7,953,672 ordinary shares of 1p each in Malvern (“Ordinary Shares) and £328,102 of its convertible loan notes in Malvern (which are convertible into Ordinary Shares of Malvern at a price of 5 pence per share) to Mr Ho Peng Cheong, a director and shareholder of KSP, who is now leaving KSP (the “Distribution”).

In addition, KSP has given notice to convert £540,000 of its remaining convertible loan notes into 10,800,000 new Ordinary Shares at an exercise price of 5 pence per share (the “Loan Note Conversion”). Following the Distribution and Loan Note Conversion, KSP holds £231,898 of convertible loan notes and 38,654,445 Ordinary Shares, representing 17.2 per cent. of Malvern’s issued ordinary share capital.