Malvern Colleges

Malvern International plc has 6 prestigious colleges under its umbrella. Malvern International plc imparts quality education to students in various disciplines across nationalities in different locations. These institutions embody Malvern International’s ‘Your Future Our Priority’ mantra in educating young minds to prepare them for a confident future.

Malvern colleges have programmes ranging from English Language, Vocation Training, Professional training, Diplomas and Degrees. Introduction of a number of skills related programmes, especially in the area of IT and the Digital Economy (e.g. Analytics, Cyber Security, and Mobile App Development).

Way Forward
Becoming a regional and global center of excellence incorporating
1. Top Quality Academics
2. Outstanding resources
3. Exceptional students’ support
4. Integrity of delivery and compliance
Expansion into new Locations organically and/or through acquisitions.