Communicate School Manchester

Open Up Your Futute

It all starts with the notebook.

When you open your notebook, you begin your journey and you open up your future.


Communicate School is based on a simple thought:

Learning a new language can open up your future.


Communicate School of English has been inspected and accredited by the British Council and are a member of English UK. Accreditation gives students a guarantee that the school has good quality teaching, premises, accommodation and student welfare.

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     Students who choose Communicate School,
     study English in order to:

  • Travel to new places
  • Meet new friends
  • Find a new job or a better job
  • Study at university
  • Experience different cultures
  • You could even meet a future wife or husband!
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality English courses to international students, professionals and other non-native speakers. We strive to teach meaningful and real communication skills for everyday purposes in a supportive teaching environment.

We want to see our students reach their full potential and leave with improved English language skills for their further academic studies, daily life in the UK or for career advancement.

To achieve our mission, we pursue the following goals:

Continuously instil a positive attitude to learning English by highlighting students’ strengths and helping them appreciate their achievements

Provide high quality student support and welfare

Provide a safe, enthusiastic and communicative learning environment

Promote regular attendance and respectful behaviour

Encourage students to take an active part in the school community

To provide students with an easy transition into Manchester life

Maintain and grow the wide mix of nationalities

Adhere to the British Council’s high standards of teaching, school management, premises, accommodation and student welfare

Work towards building the Communicate School of English reputation internationally

communicate school manchester malvern plc subisdairy

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