Malvern International Academy Singapore

Malvern International Academy (MIA), formerly Asian Educational Consortium (AEC), stands out as a prime Skills Development and training provider.

With 27 years of experience as an education provider, Malvern International Academy, Singapore, has played an essential part in impacting the lives of our students by providing a study environment that is both positive and conducive to excellence. With the newly introduced strategy in 2018, Malvern International Academy focuses on supporting the industry and community by offering short skill based courses that helps learners to enhance their ability.

Our programs are delivered by experienced and committed teaching staff in a student-centered learning environment.With our diverse and multicultural student population, Malvern International Academy provides the right platform for our students to be exposed to and be engaged in cross-cultural exchanges thus ensuring that they enter the global marketplace well and truly prepared both academically and professionally.

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     Courses Offered in Singapore

  • General English
  • Mandarin
  • IELTS, Business English
  • Summer Camp
  • Other Skill Based Courses
malvern international academy singapore
Vision & Mission Statements

Vision: A Global Learning and Skills Development Partner

Mission: Journey to Success


Malvern’s culture is to provide a holistic experience for our students in an environment where students can acquire education and application skills to fully develop their own potentials.

Core Values

Customer Focus : Customer Centric, We Care and Support
Accountability: Responsibility, We take Ownership
Excellence: Quality & Professionalism, Exceed the Expectation
Resilience: Determination, Failure is just another start

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