Martina on Malvern House, London

Q. What’s your name, student number & where are you from?
A. Martina de Crescenzo,288032,Italy

Q. How long have you been studying in London?
A. From 16th October 2015 to 16th January 2016

Q. Have you enjoyed your time here?
A. I’m enjoying. think of to be improved in English from I started

Q. What’s your favourite thing about studying here at Malvern House?
A. The relax area because it’s very nice and I can eat and drink with my friends.

Q. Have you met / made friends with students from other countries at the school? If so, where are they from?
A. Yes, I have met friend from Brazil, France and Colombia

Q. Can you give us 3 words to describe your teachers at Malvern House?
A. Funny, organised, professionals

Q. What will you miss the most when you leave?
A. All thing in the Malvern House

Q. Choose 3 words that describe your experience here in London
A. Funny, education experience, sociable

Q. What have you enjoyed most about being in London?
A. The food because it is very different from Italy.

Q. What advice would you give someone coming from your home country (city) who is visiting London for the first time?
A. London is a beautiful city but is very expensive and I think that tourist need a lot of money to visit London.

Q. What has been your favourite tourist attraction/thing to do in London?
A. The sky garden and Tower Bridge.

Q. What do you think of food in London/ where is your favourite place to eat in London?
A. The food is very different from my country but in London you can eat well in different types of restaurant.

Q. Would you recommend Malvern House to your friends?
A. Yes, I would recommend Malvern House.