Malvern International PLC Launch Its First Digital Learning Technology

Malvern International plc (AIM: MLVN), the provider of educational services in the UK, Europe and Asia, is pleased to announce, that following the strategic plan announced in November 2016 and as part of its collaboration with Playware Studios Singapore (announced in January 2017), the launch of its first digital offering in the area of Learning Technology. Malvern and Playware Studios, are offering the platform and relevant service to allow potential customers to create customized mobile based games that can be used for learning and corporate training. The product is not only useful for schools but also can be used by all industries with training needs.

The mobile games produced through the platform can increase user engagement and enhance knowledge retention, with a practice-based learning experience that is fresh, interesting and effective. The platform can also be used to create virtual labs, simulations and interactive case studies, and direct training and testing games where learners can experiment with different scenarios through their mobiles.

The product has a proven record of success in improving training engagement and efficiency within the classroom or workplace. As an innovative technology platform has been recognized internationally with awards such as: the Brandon Hall Group Awards for Excellence in Technology and Excellence in Education (2015), Microsoft Partner of the Year (Public Sector Education 2013), BETT Asia and IDA Award for EdTech Innovation (2014) and the Innovplus Flame Award from WDA Singapore (2016).

The platform and series of sample games have been tested with a few large and small organisations in Singapore. Malvern has commenced marketing the product in East Asia, India, Nepal, and the UK. It will continue the expansion to cover other countries through a strategic distribution model. This initiative forms part of the expansion of Malvern’s Learning Technology division which is seeking to position itself as a global learning technology partner. More information can be found through Malvern International’s website.