One Minute English Lesson – British Slang Words

One Minute English Lesson – Cockney Rhyming Slang in Collaboration with Malvern House Brighton

Meaning of and how to use 4 British slang words

Video Transcript

Hello.  Welcome to Malvern House in Brighton and welcome to your first one minute lesson of 2020.  Today, we’ re going to look at four words that are British slang.  Slang is informal language and usually used in speech not writing.

Number 1.  “Loo”, it’s a noun and it means toilet.  So you might hear somebody say “I’m just going to the loo”.

2. “Knackered”, it’s an adjective and it means “I’m really, really tired”, so “I stayed up late last night, I’m knackered”,

3. “Mate” is a noun and it means friend.  “What are you doing tonight?” “I’m going to my mate’s house”.

4. “Skint” is an adjective and it means to have no money e.g. “Do you want to come out tonight?”.  “No, I can’t I’m skint”.

Thank you for joining Malvern House in Brighton and we’ll see you soon.  Goodbye.

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