One Minute English Lesson – One Trick Pony (Idiom)

One Minute English Lesson – One Trick Pony (Idiom) in Collaboration with Malvern House Brighton

Are you a one trick pony? Watch this video to find out.

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Malvern House in Brighton.  Today your one minute lesson is about the idiom – One Trick Pony.  Are we talking about an actual pony?  No, we are talking a out a person or a thing that can only do one thing well.  So, for example he is a great goalkeeper but he just can’t kick the ball on the field, he’s a one trick pony.  Now do you think this is appositive thing to say or a negative thing to say about somebody?  It’s actually quite negative ‘cause you are telling that person “hey you can only do one thing”.  So our idiom for today, one trick pony.  Do you know any one trick ponies.  If you do, write in the comments below.  Thank you very much for joining Malvern House in Brighton, I hope you have a lovely day.