One Minute English Lesson – /p/ vs /b/ – What’s the Difference?

One Minute English Lesson – /p/ vs /b/ – What’s the Difference? in Collaboration with Malvern House Brighton

/p/ and /b/ sound very similar, watch and see if you can hear the difference.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Malvern House in Brighton. Today your one minute lesson is about two sounds that sound similar, /p/ and /b/, what is the difference? With /p/, /p/ there should be air, /p/, leaving your mouth. With /b/, /b/, there’s no air. Try this, take a piece of paper, /p/, /p/, /p/, as you can see the paper moves. /b/, /b/, no movement. Place your hands on your throat and repeat /p/. There shouldn’t be any vibration in your throat or any movement because it’s an unvoiced sound. Now try again with /b/, you should feel some movement and vibration in your throat because it is a voiced sound. Thank you for joining Malvern House in Brighton today, I hope this has helped you with the difference between /p/ and /b/. Goodbye.

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