Malvern Delivery Centre

Malvern is partnering with individuals, investors and institutions to open new delivery centres around the world catering to both local and international students. Malvern has its own proprietary English language curriculum designed specifically to the needs of students. The prologue and learning methodology is unique and provides an edge over other similar programmes reflecting Malvern’s long term practice and success.

About Malvern & Why Malvern

Malvern is a diversified education company with its holding company in London. Malvern runs various programmes ranging from English Language, Engineering, Foreign Languages, IELTS Preparation, and Corporate Trainings, IT Courses, NCUK Foundation programmes, Summer Camps, Business Degrees and other skill based programmes in various campuses in London, Singapore, Malaysia and Cyprus. These Delivery Centres operation through its own unique model but using the well proven pedagogy that has been mastered in our centres for decades.

"Our Specifically Designed Curriculum, Learning Methodology provides an edge over any other deliver of English. While we focus on general English, we strongly believe that learning Business English is critical. Our specially designed curriculum and teaching pedagogy revolving around experiential learning. Malvern also specializes on IELTS courses and have developed specially designed curriculum and teaching pedagogy."

IELTS in Malvern

Our specially designed course material, Teaching pedagogy, exam techniques, practice booklets will focus on each skill individually as well as providing extensive exam practice and tuition focused to your language needs.

  • Enhance your listening skill “Pronunciation” & “Comprehension Skill”
  • Improve effective Reading “Comprehension Skill
  • Guide Precise and Effective Writing
  • Focus on Fluent and clear Spoken English

English Course in Malvern

Business English

English is the language of international business Our specially designed curriculum equip students for the global business arena, developing and practicing their Business English skills through our innovative project- based course. Our Programme is specially design for individuals involved in business and working in an organization. Our Business Curriculum focused on these fundamental which is critical in the business world.

General English

Our specially designed General English curriculum covers the following aspects of English Learning.

  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

The Learning Pedagogy involves working individually, in Pairs, in Groups and with the whole class. You will work individually, in pairs and groups as well as with the whole class. Our General English Curriculum focused on these fundamental essentials in the world of English.

  • Managing Business Meetings.
  • Giving of presentation and Negotiation.
  • Writing professional reports, emails & letters.
  • Extend vocabulary & increase fluency.
  • Communicate with ease and more accurate.

Benefits of Malvern Delivery Centre

For Students
  1. Association with a strong brand – Malvern
  2. Proven Pedagogy for effective learning of students.
  3. Students will Graduate as Alum of Malvern – have access to the Malvern
    Alum Network.
  4. Student exchange programme to study a portion of the programme in
    London or continue in London.
To Delivery Centre
  1. Malvern has a strong international Sales and Marketing team – Over
    1000+ Agent.
  2. Network in over 50 countries across 5 continents. Malvern can help
    market the centre using the Malvern’s agent network.
  3. Access to the Teaching Methodology, Pedagogy that has been well
    proven in London, Malaysia and Singapore.
  4. Access to the Books and Specially designing Curriculum.
  5. Teachers training in London on the Teaching pedagogy.

Contact Person: Mr Sam Malafeh | Email: