Malvern International Partnership

malvern international partnership

Malvern International PLC is developing its brand identity by building upon the success of its school
and courses provide to emerge as Global Learning and Skills Development Partner. As part of this initiative,Malvern is expanding its footprint through partnerships with universities, institutions, corporations, businesses and individuals.

Working with educational providers enables Malvern to tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise provided by those institutions and support them to in delivering their offerings to a larger international audience. From the demand side, Malvern’s role is to connect the individuals and industries with providers to enable, drive and support the development and enhancement of required skills. Malvern’s potential services as a dynamic and fully-equipped partner include classroom delivery in different locations, online delivery of courses, workshops and training sessions at the client’s location.

International Marketing Support Service

Malvern has a large established network of more than 1,000 student’s recruitment partners operating in more than 50 countries. This network is managed by a professional marketing team at Malvern with regional offices around the World. Malvern partners can sign an exclusive marketing contract to promote their licensed courses internationally through Malvern and its network.