Sales Travel and Events

Ashleigh’s Nepalese TV Appearance

During her TV appearance, Ashleigh Veres , our Director of Student Recruitment, spoke about university pathway programmes for Nepalese students who want to study abroad. She highlighted the benefits of pathway programmes, such as improving language skills and preparing students for university-level studies. She also discussed the different pathway programmes offered, including foundation courses, international year one, and pre-master’s programmes. She stressed the importance of choosing a programme that suits the student’s academic goals and interests. The interview was very useful for Nepalese students who are considering studying abroad.

Visiting Educational Partners in Southeast Asia

This past month David Thompson, our Deputy Head of Global Sales and Marketing, visited our educational partners in Southeast Asia.

With his extensive experience in student recruitment to university pathway programmes, he offered guidance on how to effectively recruit students to all our programmes. These types of meetings are invaluable to our partners, and we are confident that his efforts will result in a positive impact on our business.

Partner visits in Oman, Qatar and Kuwait

In May, Saeed Adam and Majd Habeeb visited the Gulf states of Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. They met with our educational partners across these nations, aiming to establish new partnerships, deliver essential training, and prepare for the upcoming summer season together.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, as our partners have expressed enthusiasm for the diverse courses we provide and our excellent school locations. The team found it to be a gratifying experience to offer in-person training to our partners and, with summer just around the corner, we anticipate a busy season with numbers set to surge by mid/late June. 

This trip also showed that Malvern’s reputation continues to flourish as we enhance our visibility and collaborate with an increasing number of influential partners in the region. This growth has led to our inclusion in various promotional materials, databases, and online profiles, strengthening our presence in different countries and solidifying our brand and schools as desirable study destinations.