Singapore College Six month suspension of EduTrust Certification

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Re: Singapore College
Six month suspension of EduTrust Certification

In its announcement of 1 August 2013, AEC reported that the Council of Private Education (“CPE”), the Singapore Government Body which regulates the Private Education sector was in discussion with AEC on issues at its College in Singapore. Further to this, the CPE has now issued a six month suspension of the College’s EduTrust certification.  This means that while the College will continue to operate to fulfill its obligations to current registered students and can continue to recruit local students to the College, it is unable to recruit foreign students during the suspension period.

AEC will apply for an assessment of the College’s eligibility for a reinstatement of the EduTrust certification in three months’ time. In the intervening period, AEC is continuing to address with urgency all regulatory and compliance issues.

A further update on the matter will be provided in due course.For further information contact:

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