Staff Spotlight – Don Troeger, Language in Action, Academic Manager

Don joined the Malvern family as Academic Manager for Language in Action in April this year, just in time for the first summer back after the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.  

He arrived with great enthusiasm and ambition to build a brand-new academic syllabus. Don understood that learning at Language at Action means that students practice English both inside and outside the classroom.  So, he set out to create a syllabus, tailored for teenagers, which includes English for real-life skills and British culture. Packed with fun, interactive activities and focused on building students’ speaking confidence, LiA’s Course Design was recognised by the British Council as a significant area of strength.   

Don Troeger.

Don has spent more than 15 years, managing and developing teachers both in the UK and in China.  He’s very proud of the excellent team of creative, energetic and motivated teachers he put together this summer and he’s already busy recruiting and hiring for next summer!

Don loves the variety of his work and working with the LiA family.  His plans for 2023 are bigger and better – building an expanded and packed syllabus with more interactive activities, connecting in-class learning with city excursions, promoting LiA methodology and having a more diverse student body in LiA’s various schools in London and Manchester.

Don biggest passion is developing people – both students and teachers. He believes it has to come from the heart and he finds great joy in his students’ and teachers’ successes and accomplishments.

Apart from his rewarding work, Don also loves cheering on Manchester United and you can sometimes find him in his local pub singing Karaoke or challenging someone to a game of pool.

If you have any questions about the LiA Junior Summer Programme feel free to contact Don at