Staff Spotlight

This time, our staff spotlight is on… Daniele who is the Deputy Director of Language in Action (LiA)

How long have you been with the company?
I have worked for LiA since 2015, when LiA was a very small reality: it was just Emiliano, me and a couple of colleagues!
What do you like about working with the company?
Working for Malvern International means never ceasing to be creative. You must find solutions to problems you never thought would exist, and you prove yourself every time. Talking to people from all around the world, meeting their needs, and being responsible for people inside and outside our organization, it’s my everyday fun.
What did you do before joining Malvern?
Before joining Malvern, I studied Art History at the university, worked in Tourism and Education and in a Fine Winehouse in the middle of Trastevere, in Rome.
What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
Where do I start! I love rock climbing, which I do three times a week and has led me all over and to the most hidden places. I play guitar, especially jazz, and I need one near me everywhere I go. And I love cinema, books, good wines and good food and taste them in every kind of restaurant. I don’t want to be boring, so its best I stop here!
Tell us one thing we’d not guess about you?
I used to break dance when I was a teenager.