Tayuki on Malvern House, London

Q. What’s your name, student number & where are you from?
A. Tayuki Yamamoto, from Japan(Yokohama)

Q. How long have you been studying at Malvern House? 
A. 1 month and a half

Q. Have you enjoyed your time here? Why? 
A. Yes. Social programs are well organised. Additionally, I’ve got some friends and we sometimes go out together after school.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about studying here at Malvern House? 
A. My teacher, Alina, is very professional. I joined the IELTS preparation class and she knows everything about IELTS. She tries to make my skills better. Thanks to her, I feel my writing skills are becoming better than before!

Q. Is studying at Malvern House different from how you were studying in your country? How?
A. Japanese students tend to just sit on their seats and listen to the teacher’s explanation, but students here ask everything when they don’t understand. Then the teacher tries to explain what we don’t know until we understand the exact meanings. I think it is much better than the Japanese learning style because we never leave with unclear ideas.

Q. Have you met / made friends with students from other countries at the school?
A. Yes. I’m not sure if it will come true but I promised to visit Germany to see German friends from here in the summer!

Q. What will you miss the most when you leave?
A. My teacher! She’s been looking after me for almost 2 months and I really like her. Because of depending on the length of our individual courses, classmates are changing quite often but the teacher doesn’t change!

Q. What have you enjoyed most about being in London?
A. As I’m a big fun of the Harry Potter series, I enjoy visiting the film locations. Malvern House is close to King’s Cross Station, it’s an amazing location for me

Q. What advice would you give someone coming from your home country who is visiting London for the first time?
A. Prepare to change weather. And if you stay short term, you should plan for after school and weekends. There are a lot of things to do in London and outside of London! You don’t have time to see everything, so you need to organise your visit in advance!

Q. What has been your favourite tourist attraction/thing to do in London?
A. The Shard or the Sky Garden. Both of them have breath-taking view. I prefer the Shard’s view itself than the view from the Sky Garden, but I have to say, the Sky Garden is more relaxing while you’re at the top of the building! I can’t choose one.

Q. Would you recommend Malvern House to your friends? 
A. Yes. Especially, if you are thinking of taking the IELTS exam, I strongly recommend you to join the IELTS preparation class and learn the strategies!