UEL’s 125th Anniversary

International Study Centre students and staff had a great day recently celebrating the University of East London’s 125th anniversary.
The campus wide festivities marked the opening of the West Ham Technical Institute in 1898, a careers focussed college which would later became part of the University. UEL took the opportunity to host an all day jamboree at its Docklands Campus, where the ISC is based, as part of a year long series of events in East London and beyond.
Our day started with competitively fought quizzes for our students in the Centre, where much more was discovered around key milestones in the University’s history. Armed with this knowledge, students then visited some of the many activities at the main event, and took advantage of the pop up fairground on campus. Later on, our staff group were also able to join the party across the campus, enjoying the food trucks on UEL’s main street and much more.
Mythili Theivendran, who masterminded the ISC programme, summed the day up with; “we really enjoyed being part of the University’s history. Our students loved finding out more about UEL and, like our staff team, had a load of fun at the Docklands Campus Party. We wish UEL a very happy anniversary and look forward to more celebrations during the rest of 2023!”